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I just don't get it!


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My teachers all give us a short break after our barre section of class so we could stretch before coming in to the center. When I stretch for about 30 min, my butt can touch then floor on my middle splits. In contrast, after barre when I stretch, my butt is about 4 inches off the ground! Why is that?? Now my teachers believe that I am not flexible at all!

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Assuming that you are well warmed up before your 30 minute stretching, as well as after the barre in classes, there really should not be any difference. The only thing I can think of is that because you are doing the stretching for a longer period of time, eventually it stretches a bit more. :shrug: I don't know if that is the case or not, but nothing else makes any sense, and I'm not sure even that does!

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I think what you said makes sense. Maybe because I am actually working on stretching the muscles instead of doing tondues or plies. Thank you.

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But are you not doing barre exercises prior to your stretching at home???

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I find that I am often in the same situation-when I stretch at home, I am normally more flexible than I end up being at the studio. Part of this is just that when I stretch myself (generally when I'm focusing on a split) I am only doing stretches that stretch muscles that work in that split and I focus on those.


At the studio (when we are given time to stretch before center) my teachers normally only give us a minute or two to stretch ourselves before having the whole class do splits. I then just stretch out anything that feels cold so I can be as warm as possible when I sit in the splits. Also, just make sure you stretch a lot at home, and sooner or later, even if you are slightly less warm then at home, you will be able to go further down. Thats what worked for me on the right! :)


Plus, at home you are stretching for 30 minutes of stretches, not barrework. The length of time could be part of why you are more flexible. Good luck!

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