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stretches to help with turnout?

angelina ballerina

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Hello everybody!


I feel that I do not have a good enough turnout. Id' really love to improve it but I dont actually know how to. :ermm:

Any suggestions?


Thank you! :)


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Angelina, I wish that people would get off the idea that stretches are the panacea for any technical problem. When you talk about flexibility, you need not only the stretchiness, but also the strength to maintain the range you have. Turnout is not merely where the feet end up on the floor; it proceeds from the entire leg being turned out all the way from the hipjoint. Keeping the legs well-rotated while in basic positions at the barre is critical to building the necessary strength. As to actual stretches, the center split is pretty basic in encouraging the muscles and connective tissues into a rotated configuration. But you don't have to do a whole center split all the time. Just being seated on the floor with the soles of your feet held together and the knees dropped to the sides gives a good rotatory stretch as well, and uses a whole lot less room.

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Angelina, there is SOOOOO much information on this board about rotation and turnout. Have you tried looking up other threads about this?


My answer agrees with Mr. Johnson that stretches are not the only answer to everything. Barre work is designed to train your legs to rotate, IF you are being taught correct placement, alignment, and muscle usage. If you do the exercises, especially rond de jambe à terre, but all of them really really well, and WORK on every thing you do being rotated to your best ability, that is how you will achieve more rotation. :yes:

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