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I'm looking for good adult beginner classes in West Palm Beach.


I know there's no such thing as a perfect situation, but if there were, here's what mine would be:


1. True technique, not fitness/Pilates

2. True beginners, not beginners who have been "beginning" for three years and are just too lazy/afraid to take a class at their actual skill level.

3. At least three classes per week, preferably in the morning (fewer scheduling conflicts).

4. Multiple-class discounts (pretty please?)

5. A teacher who truly cares about adult beginners and doesn't treat them like an afterthought.


Like I said, I know perfection doesn't exist. The only one I'm firm on is number one, the rest I can work with.


If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd be very thankful!


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Try Boca Ballet Theatre in Boca Raton. The schedule does have 3 beginner classes available however the schedule may vary. Look at bocaballettheatre.org. Ask to speak with Cheryl (after 1:00 PM). The teachers are positive, kind, educated and the school has a wonderful atmosphere. It is located off of Congress Ave in Boca, very easy to find!!

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Thanks, V!


Noting your signature -- I grew up in Boca, and went to high school with a few girls from HARID. First time I ever saw tights over a leo! :)

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You may also call Thais at BBT. She is generally on in the morning while Cheryl is on in the afternoon. Thais is also a teacher of Adult ballet students so I am sure she will be able to answer any of your questions.


Enjoy your vsit to S. Florida.

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