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first summer intensive away from home?


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Hi! So this I'm already auditioning for School of Alberta Ballet and I would like to ask- what are some other good summer intensives that mainly focus on ballet and are in Canada? I don't want something too big because this will be my first one away from home ;) Thank you

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, imaballetfreak. :)


Some of the other programs in Canada include The National Ballet, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Quinte School, and the Goh Academy. You can look at information on these programs on their websites, and also here on our Summer Intensive Forums. They are listed in alphabetical order on those forums.

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Hello, imaballetfreak, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. Before you start limiting yourself, why not find out what summer intensiving is like by actually attending one; that way you can seek summer courses which suit your personality and technical needs better than just by massing a list of Canadian SIs.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, KaylaMay.


On Ballet Talk for Dancers we have a forum for first hand reviews of these programs. If you would like to express your thoughts on a program you have attended, that would be the place to do it. Just go to SI Programs 2011/12 and you will find the schools listed in alphabetical order.


Your post above is a bit of a problem, and I think that you could respond again without using "I don't recommend" and "I didn't like it", when talking about a program. That is very negative without any explanation of why you were not happy with it. Also, we prefer that one does not use a recommendation in addressing a program, as we just want to provide all of the personal first hand information that we can, but not try to influence people to attend one program over another. Also, "Alberta seems good..." is misleading, in that you have not been there yet, but if you said something like "I am thinking about Alberta, after reading about their program", that would be better. Mentioning the teacher you liked from last summer is fine.


You might want to go to the SI forum and put up a review of the program you attended this past summer. There is a format for the review shown in a Pinned topic there.

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