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Changing Email Address

Victoria Leigh

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If you are changing your email address on the board, please be aware that there will be a validation email, just like when you were first registering. If you do not respond to that email to your new address, from Contact@BTforD.com, then your email address change is not complete. If you did not receive this email, then write to Contact Us, and I will have it sent to you again.

After your email notifications have been bouncing back for a while, you will be blocked or suspended from the board. If we have no way of notifying you that your emails are bouncing, there is nothing we can do but suspend your privileges.

Some of the people whose email is bouncing are newer members who do not yet have Private Messaging privileges. Without that, and an email that bounces, we cannot contact you. If you have Private Messaging, I will message you before suspending.

Right now there are two members in the validation queue who have not validated the email after requesting an address change, and a lot of members who have changed their email address and not changed it on the board. I suspended one today. Please don't let this happen!


Victoria Leigh

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The Board does not accept yahoo, hotmail, or gmail addresses.  We have found that these addresses are not secure from hackers or spam bots, which register on the Board.

Internet Service Provider addresses, AIM, and me.com for Apple users work.

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The following email addresses also will work:



live.com (windows).

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