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Fainting theatrically


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Does anyone have suggestions for fainting theatrically (and making it look good)? I need to faint into someone's arms who is standing behind me for an upcoming show, but have zero idea how to do so without: a) knocking them over, and B) looking 'pretty' in terms of line.


Ack ack.

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Engage your abs and don't drop your bottom. By that I mean don't release your pelvis- hold it with your muscles. Start with the facial reaction, i.e. head begins to reel, eyes, flutter, breathing shallow and faster, then inhale, slightly lift yourself, exhale as you melt. You can get good mileage out of your head, eyes, and chest, then allow your legs to close together off to one side, still keeping your abs and pelvis strong.


The catcher should be taking ahold of you under your arms so you can press against their resistance at the contact points. Coordinate this with your partner so you are always falling the same way in the same pose, same direction.

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Cool question! I've never had to faint on stage, though I think dying on stage is great! Especially when it's a nice dramatic death, like Eponine in Les Miserables. Loved doing that!

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I think I'm more nervous about the fainting than any of the dancing, LOL. Thanks for the tips and the support. Looking forward to practicing this week!

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I like Isabelle Guerin's death collapse at 6.53 in this video:


www. youtube. com/watch?v=pL7mt7HKPWg


especially the big dramatic gesture before she falls down. If only real life fainting were this graceful! I drop like a tree! :lol:


(I put spaces in the address because the video embedded automatically when I pasted in the address. I'm guessing this isn't allowed, mods?)

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I had to do this when I was a kid of 12 as Snow White! i took a bite of the apple and then fainted...not into anyone's arms though, onto the stage. Supposedly it looked authentic and my teacher thought that I had really fainted and was worried I had hurt myself!

At 12, though, one is fearless!!! ;)

I remember just letting go...but kind of engaging my abs as Clara mentioned.

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Funny that one would ask this question. Actually I have experience with something similar. In fact just last Saturday I performed on stage and in one piece I walk off the stage and collapse. Perhaps I am dead, perhaps something else. What it is is up to the audience to interpret. No matter what it is, it is definitely a collapse and totally unexpected.


In doing this I don't think of anything. Just totally relax and hit the ground. No technique at all. Just collapse like a bag of bones. I have to land facing upstage, but I've rehearsed and performed this same thing so many times it is automatic.


I'm one of those who believe thinking in dance is unwise. Just do it. Be honest and not technical, don't worry too much about what might happen to others and make it real No acting.

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