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My Black Swan outfit


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So what do you guys think?

I got a sansha tutu practise skirt and embellished with feathers and also a Sansha performance top and added jewels and feathers. I also had a cool gothic tiara and the BEST make up:)

Folks were impressed!!!!

I'll be wearing a modified version for class on Monday!

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Nice work! It looks amazing. Seeing photos like this makes me wish we had Halloween in Australia. I hope you had a lovely time at your party!

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Thats awesome.

I did black swan for a "black and white" themed party, but I put in nowhere near as much effort. Through the night I kept forgetting about the make up and was wiping my eyes, which made a lovely mess to clean when I got home, and dangerous totouch anyone with a white thered outfit.

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I wish I could post pics of my make up but I might be recognized;)

If anyone wants to see them...just PM me and I will link you to my FB page!

The make up came out amazing but was so hard to clean off as the black liner was water proof!!!!! I hadn't realized that!!!!

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Agggh... I can't see it! I saw a thumbnail of it, but for some reason the full picture won't load. From the thumbnail it looks awesome! Very similar to the real one (what with the strapless asymmetric thing going on). Love it, love it!

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Sorry you couldn't see the large version, La Fille:(

I wore a modified version in class last night....with a more comfy top and flat slippers which I added ribbons to! Everyone LOVED my make up!!!!!

I think I danced better in my tutu!!!!!

By the way, where can I get ballet class music that is made up of great music like Swan Lake, etc.. from barre to floor? I think it would make me dance better too! Last night we had some dreadful Elton John, etc.. slowed down:( YIKES!!!!!

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I understand, I dance better in my favorite outfits and to my favorite songs. I rock out to La Bayadere. I totally went to a class once that played "regular" music and oldies for barre. While I thought that a straight beat was interesting and quite fun for a contemporary barre at Lines Ballet, regular music irked me so badly I never went back to that class. It was at some little local studio anyway.

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