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A "pay it forward" moment...


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While waiting for my DD to finish class this past Monday, I took a look around at all the other waiting parents and had an urge to share the following....All you 3,4, 5 and 6 day a week not counting rehearsal parents....Take a bow. My schedule is lighter this year with a too tall for Nutcracker DD and I can look around and realize that all that beauty we see up on stage is to a certain extent there because of parents just like you all. Many of us have other children, uncooked meals, piles of laundry and tons of driving. So please, stop and smile. Because even if your DKs do not always show it, you are appreciated. :clapping:

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Thank you for your post - I got a real lift reading it and can face this busy ballet weekend with a big smile! (even if the washing etc is still waiting for me Sunday night)

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Thank you for your post buzzandmoo. A well needed pick me up, a week before the craziness of Nutcracker fittings, dress rehearsals and performances starts.

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