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Guest beckster

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Guest beckster

We often have posts here from new adults asking for advice about starting lessons, and of course they always get good advice. I was thinking what funny advice and stories we could add, from our experiences of ballet class.


1) Don't go to ballet when the dentist has anaethetised half your head. It just doesn't work.


2) Don't try to grande battement both legs at the same time.


3) Don't practice at work. No matter how beautiful your grande plie is, it won't put you on the path to career success when the supervisor drops by unannounced.

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Do not rub in BenGay anywhere near the top of your hips, or inner thighs...lets just say..the eyes water...

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Guest piccolo

Refrain from doing chaines when you have a runny nose. Or, only do them if you are skilled at forcefully sniffing in for an extended period of time.

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If you're a guy doing partnering, remember to fix that hangnail! Especially if her costume is long and flowing!

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When you are doing pas de chats, executing the "passés" cleanly is a good idea. Otherwise, a small but still significant risk of kicking yourself to the back of your knee and tripping over exists.


(No, this is not hypothetical. It was most embarrassing. :P)

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If you're a guy, don't go into a biker bar to celebrate your performance unless you're sure ALL your makeup has been removed.

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If you shave under your arms, make sure it's done properly, or some 'fluff' from your jumper may remain under the pits (Mmmh, lovely :P )

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Guest venecha

You guys are great! I laughed hysterically while reading this (and hope I remember everything!).


I've been away from the board a while. I lost my job in january and had to move. Have not been in a ballet class since then. Where I live now, the studios are NOT adult friendly. I really miss my studio in Dallas! The teacher was superb!


Anyone know of any good adult-friendly studios in Greenville, SC or central jersey? I may be relocating to one of these areas soon, so would like your input!



Happy to be back here!


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Never pinch the girl in front of you on the butt at barre. They may find an inopportune time to return the favor.:P

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Never stand in front of 2 Left Feet at the barre unless you want to be pinched.

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Guest DancerLegs

If you take ballet class in a studio also used by modern dancers, do not confuse that small pile of baby powder in the corner with rosin. Yiiipes!

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