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What is this step called?


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Maybe someone already posted about this, but I'm not sure what this step is called so I don't know how to search it!

I always write down my corrections and call it something like 'grand rond de jambe battement jete'" but I think I just made that up.


For en dehors, you start in a low attitude front, stretch the leg and throw it to a high extension a la seconde, and lower the leg over ecarte' to a tendu en arriere.


Can someone tell me what the proper name is?


P.S. sorry for lack of French accent marks

I can find a video if no one understands what I'm talking about

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Oh, also, what is that step called when the leg goes from attitude efface' en avant to a la seconde to attitude en arriere? A variation on it is in the beginning of the Dulcinea variation from Don Q...

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Thanks- I guess it was simpler than I thought!

P.S. sorry for posting in the wrong forum. This is what happens when I think of random questions at 10:00 pm!

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It's okay, tinyzinnia. I just moved it over here. :)

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