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Sick with bronchitis


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So I haven't been able to dance for about a week now cause I've been sick with brochitis. And I don't have a fever, but whenever I start doing anything(moving around, even talking) I go into a coughing fit, so I can't go to dance but we are having rehearsal for the Nutcracker, which is in about a month. :yucky: Is there anything I can do at home to keep up my strength for ballet? LIke any streches, exercises or anything????

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You have to let your body heal. Since you're still going into coughing fits whenever you move, I would say that's your body's way of saying, "No- not yet". Are you on any inhaled medicines or any kind of cough expectorant?

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Ok...I'm on two medicines for bronchitis, and "gold pearls" that I guess would be cough expectorants? I take them to help stop coughing. I don't think I'm on any inhaled medicines.

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Ok those pearls are basically an anesthetic to help keep you from coughing. You may want to consult your doctor, but I think physical activity is discouraged while on that medicine....

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