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Metro Atlanta classes during winter break?


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Our studio is located in a facility that hosts holiday festivities. This means that after this week the studios are not available for dancers until January 7. Obviously this is not ideal. Does anyone know of anywhere in metro Atlanta that has open classes for the younger set or studio space for rent? Thanks

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When you say younger, how young? And when you say Metro area are you speaking of in town, N, S, E or W? Most will close for the 2 weeks of Christmas break but almost every studio in the area is open from now until Christmas break. You could likely arrange a per class card of some kind.

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We ended arranging with their teacher to have 8 sessions for dd and a few of her friends - not a ton of dancing but better than no dancing for such a long period. Their teacher was happy to work with them and we arranged to rent a studio at a local gym. The teacher designed them as preparation for SI auditions type classes which was a nice change for our girls since they are in an RAD program. The challenge of the details of arranging (who paid what, when, how many, where) all made me appreciate how complicated a registar's life can be!! Regular classes start again Monday!

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