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Soon starting ballet 23yo Montreal man


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Hi I am planning to start ballet in january 2012. I have always been moving and acting since youung age till now but never full time because I was planning a carreer in visual arts which I got tired of and want to fallow my secound passion which is dancing/acting and acrobatics.


I want to finally be serious about this


I have no idea what careers I want but I know I want to be in art and it seems I am bored of visual arts and I want to go into performing arts hopefully I am not too late. Ive done different martial arts including wushu, currently capoeira since year. I have done a few dances in my past Hip Hop, Salsa. But I want to do something m ore classical between ballet or contemporary balet/modern dance.


I will do my best and push my body to its limits


I wonder thought is there a possible carreer in Ballet classical/Modern or contemporary dance starting at 23years old ? I think I have a natural feel for movement but its gonna be getting flexibility and strenght that will be thoughter and I dont know about technique.


I decided to stop college for a while to p ursue this dream. Before I thought about finishing college then do this but I got bored of what I was doing in college and I said to myself man I should have done this since long time.



If i cant make it profesionnally I woul still hope to train at leat 4-5 times a week and do a job that pays me an off for rent and food etc :D


This forum seems nice, I think I am going to enjoy my time.

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Hi Kozi, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :) You may want to read through the Adult Students' forum in addition to this one, as you may find some helpful advice there as well. Congratulations on your decision to start ballet and modern dance classes--you can certainly experience the benefits of dance at any age. It does take a number of years to become advanced enough to be a professional dancer, and taking classes 4-5 days a week is a very good start. Since I can't see you, I don't know what kind of talent you have, but in terms of professional aspirations, you may want to focus more on modern or contemporary dance at this point. Ballet classes can certainly be beneficial, though, especially if you enjoy them. :) Good luck on your dance journey!

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why is it easier to get to a classical ballet career than a contemporary ballet/modern career? I would have thought there is more competition in modern cuz more people want to do and can do modern dance then ballet ? as I suppose ballet require so much perfection and norm that as you start older its harder to reach ? and it is a small elite of people ? iill read the rules

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I wouldn't say that it's easier to have a career in ballet vs. modern dance--there is a lot of competition and hard work involved in both fields. However, you are correct that it is easier to become a professional ballet dancer if you start earlier. I'm not trying to dissuade you from taking ballet classes if you want to, though, as a large movement vocabulary is helpful to any dancer.


Based on that video, I don't think capoeira would harm your ballet technique.

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Yeah, Ill be careful with this. I should also take my time not to be stressed on what should I do as a career with my life. I'll take a one year break doing what I like which is movement, in particular dance. If after 1 year of doing everything I want I decide that dance is what I want. Maybe I should audition for a cegep(college) or university for dance or whatever I decide. I really need to train behond a recreationnal level to know how much I love dance. And Also this one year will determin what are the strong and week point of my body. There is a university program that dont require to much dancing because they teach you more of a choreography aspect but some other school its more for dancing. So I have many possibilities. I can't wait to start in january with 1 class per week. And one of my friends in elementary ballet is ready to help me train with the basic, she is a girl.

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I'll tune you guys in when I start... I have been thinking, if I really want any chance of dancing or movement performing career its pretty much now or never to try, because any other career will require mostly mental health more then physical health. By the way any dancers here from Montreal or Southshore ??

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