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online course in anatomy and kinesiology


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Given my scheduling commitments this coming semester, my advisor suggested that I look for an anatomy and kinesiology class online. Does anyone know of a school that offers such?


Thanks. :)

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Quite some years ago now I did a correspondance course from the Royal Academy of Dance on anatomy. It was very good and included assignments that had to be returned for correction. I don't know if they still do this, but it might be worthwhile contacting the education department at London Headquarters and asking them if they have anything available. At the least it might get them thinking about offering it again!

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I just found one with Online School for Girls, a program which swanchat had recommended in earlier posts. It's a semester course and starts next week. http://www.onlineschoolforgirls.org/ I am excited about this - this course is not easy to find! Another option, which was much more expensive, is offered by Brown University through their high school programs. It looks excellent, as well.

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Kinesiology is a lot more than just one class. It is Physics, Caculcus, Biochemestry/Biology, Biomechanics, Motor Control, Sports Medicine, Anatomy & Physiology and Sport Psychology (in some cases, even statistics). It is a demanding four year degree by istelf (...or a masters...or a PhD).


If you are looking for a good online Anatomy and Physiology I & II class, UMASS Amherst has an excellent program. They also have an Intro to Kinesiology class online...but it is terrible and I do not recommend it unless you already have a background in the field.

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Kinesiology is a class offered in and of itself for some Undergraduate degrees, but is is also a full time program requiring the classes mentioned above in both Undergrad or Graduate studies. It is not a class I'd recommend taking online unless it is only for personal knowledge. There is so much involved in a good Kinesiology course that I'm having a hard time thinking there would be a good online version although I'm sure versions do exist.

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