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Summer Training for Residential Students

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I was wondering what students who attend residential programs typically do over the summer in terms of training? More away-from-home time (especially when local options to train are limited)? How have you managed auditions/applications to summer programs when parents/students live far apart during the school year?



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I recall a prior discussion about this - how to coordinate pictures, videos, etc., but can't seem to locate the thread. I'm now wondering if it was a discussion within a thread titled about something else. :nixweiss: Perhaps someone else will recall where it is....

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You can check the thread of the residential program. There might be information there, too. Schools often help the students, though my DS had to arrange his own pictures. The kids also have to fill out their own applications and make sure they have the money on hand - cash or check as required by the school. Most if not all residential kids we knew (in the U.S.) went away to a program or, at a minimum, studied with the school's summer program.

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