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Staying in shape over Winter Break


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My almost 13 year old, 2nd year of pointe dd, will have a 2 week break from dance classes over Christmas and New Years. I am trying to find some "open" ballet classes for her to attend at other studios but am having difficulty. What are some things she can do at home to help keep her strength, stamina, flexibility and foot strength up? I don't really like her "practicing at home" because I don't want her developing bad habits and I don't know much about dance to be able to correct her. She has Therabands and could do some exercises with them, but was wondering if it is worth getting any at home videos she could do during that time.


I understand a break is often needed (especially after hectic Nutcracker season) but running idle and not doing much for 2 weeks sounds not very healthy either. Any suggestions?

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It's a time to just enjoy the holidays and be a kid. :) Seriously, a 12 year old will be fine with a two week break. Try to find some things for her to do that she normally does not have time for when she is in school and ballet. A little stretching and theraband work at home would be fine, but I would not suggest anything more at this time.

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Thank you Ms Victoria for the quick reply! Nowadays, with such busy schedules and the go, go, go attitude we get caught up in, it is a nice relief to know that breaks like this are not only needed but encouraged :D .

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I'm also looking forward the the break! While I had some concerns in the back of my mind about taking off 2-3 weeks and then going into the January auditions for summer intensives, I'm letting that go.....I'm sure my daughter's young body can bounce-back much quicker than mine could :)

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