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Buying my first tights


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I'm currently wearing yoga pants for ballet. I noticed, especially some of the students behind me, that the sweat shows through :blushing: . Does sweat show through black tights? I'm getting my first one. I easily sweat a lot in class. Is there a type of material that I should consider before getting tights? I know I want to get black. I don't know what from they are made. But I worry that the sweat might show through.






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Relax! Men's black tights don't get sweat stains. Get good quality men's tights; M. Stevens are a big fave with most men.

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I second that. M. Stevens are nice and opaque, definitely my favorite kind of black tights for class. And when you do sweat in them, it's not easily noticeable like it is with fabrics like cotton.

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Thank you. I got the M. Stevens Milliskin(?) footed tights. Its better than the yoga pants I use to wear in terms of support and freedom of movement. And I don't notice any sweat stains during practice.

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I was by the way considering wearing jazz pants to ballet sometimes. I guess it's about the same as yoga pants. Asside from the sweat stains did you have any other problems?

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As a teacher, I have problems with trousers and even shorts as classwear. For ballet, it's essential for a teacher to be able to see how the legs and feet are working, Pants cover important details up, making it harder for the student to learn. I generally let a new male student wear pants in the initial phases of getting to know ballet, but tights are an essential after awhile.

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Generally speaking, it's not AS critical as class, but that's up to the rehearsal supervisor.

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I also support M. Stevens - they are great. For myself, I also have been using capezio men's footed tights (I believe the new model code is MT11) which I like a lot. They are soft and wash easily.


but you can use a pair of simple cotton tights as well.


And besides, sweat means you are doing the work. In my technique class we are all usually soaking wet at the end of class! :)

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M Stevens are the most comfortable tights as far as I'm concerned. I ordered mine from www.tutu.com and they can sew suspenders on them so you won't have to always be tugging on them during class.

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Black tights from boysdancetoo are great as well. But I have been wearing grey tights lately, discovered my legs ☺

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I buy my tights from Boysdancetoo I find the quality of their own brand equal to M Stevens but at about half the cost, Boysdancetoo also sells M Stevens 

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