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Fouette turns?

PSB Ballerina

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It is not a matter of age, it's a matter of level. When you are at a level where your en dehors pirouettes are solid and relatively consistent with at least a double in correct alignment, rotation, use of head and arms, shape of the retiré foot, and able to finish the pirouette still up and controling the position you go to, and you can execute a solid series of relevé turns from 5th. :) then it should be time to begin to learn the fouetté action. :)


[Note: A post was removed because this topic was moved, and in this forum one has to wait for a Teacher Moderator to respond first. It was not your mistake, pinkdancer, it was just because the toipic was in the wrong forum. PSB, please place questions about ballet technique in a Young Dancer forum.]

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