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Thigh popping


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Ok so in one of our combinations we do this thing were we brush our leg to the back in arabesque then carry it side then to the front and when I go from side to front my thigh will sometimes pop and it hurts really bad how can I make this stop?

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I really think it must be your hip popping, Gbaukman. The thighs are muscles, and they don't pop. The joints pop. Anything that pops and hurts needs to be investigated by an orthopedic physician. Popping often occurs in various joints and does not hurt, and it's not really a problem. But when there is pain, something is wrong.

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No, I don't. My guess would be a problem in your alignment and weigh placement, but I can't know that without seeing you. As I said above (you may have posted before I added something to that post), if there is pain, there is something wrong, and you need to see an orthopod.

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