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Am I too old to begin ballet pre-professionally?


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I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this, but it can't hurt to ask. I'm 15 (female), and have only been taking 2 ballet classes a week for a year at a "pre-pro" school with girls ages 9-11. I was told I could start pointe this spring.


I would love to take real pre-professional classes at a real ballet school, CPYB is an hour away. I kind of get this longing feeling that I just really want to dance. My parent's refused to sign me up for classes when I was little and begged them too, and now I resent the fact that instead of being at least an advanced dancer, I'm just beginning. Is it impossible for me to be accepted into a legitimate ballet school at this pointe?


Also, even if it is too late (which I think it probably is), could I attend the 5 week SI at CPYB? Would it be good for me to improve even though I'm not en pointe or very technically advanced yet?

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TeenBeginner, it is not yet totally too late to begin a vocational track in ballet, but as I believe you realize, the odds are very much stacked against you. You will need a very good body, with a facility already built-in when you start at 15. Good working habits help, but you need everything else besides age to work for you when you try to go for a career with a start this late. Southeastern PA has a lot of good schools, especially in the Philadelphia metro area, so you may find a school closer than Carlisle to take you on. Obviously, the school has to be of the best quality too, so that selection is very important. If you were my student, I'd hold off on doing a Summer Intensive anywhere, until I saw how you were progressing in rudimentary principles of ballet. Then I'd select an SI after I'd seen what you need most. CPYB is good, but you might need something which could be provided for elsewhere.

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Never let yourself think that you are to old to do something or that you will never be able to do something. You may feel like you will never be a fantastic dancer, and yes the odds are slightly against you, being 15, but one of my best friends has only been dancing for 1 year, and she is allready one of the best dancers in the school. She did not have the best body shape for it, but when she realy tryed, she got there. I love looking up to her as a great insperation to me, and she is a great reminder, that it is never to late to become a star.


I go to a professional dance school, so dont think that it is a bad school, so it would not be very hard to get to the top, because it is hard. You just need to try hard, and never stop beliving. But even if you dont make it anywere too special, you could still become a good teacher when you are older, to help the people younger then you get to the top. It is a great feeling to know that you helped!


Dancing can have up's and down's but I belive that if you realy want to, you can get there :happy: .


Good luck!


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Mouse da Sleekfoot, before you do any more responding, please read our Rules and Policies about posting. You are trying to help, I know, but advice on the Young Dancers forums is given by the professional teachers here. The reality is that chances of a professional career in ballet, starting at 15, are slim, and Mr. Johnson explained what is needed in his post above.


While believing in yourself is a very good thing, one does still need to keep some perspective and sense of reality. Your friend has had one year of training, and while she may be doing exceptionally well for that amount of training, she is not yet a star. She may or may not be one someday, but that day is a long, long way away. One does not get to the top in ballet in a year in any professional school. It's fine to be encouraging, however, saying that something can be done just by believing it can and trying hard is not realistic in ballet. There are too many other factors involved.

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It's never too late! Look through the Pre-Professional Schools section of Ballet Talk! There's loads of good info there. :)

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TeenBeginner, I'm your age and I only started last ballet last year, and I'm only on my second pair of pointes! I use to (and still) do get upset that my parents didn't sign me up to any proper ballet classes - BUT, if you want to dance and can't imagine life without ballet and you're willing to put in the hard works - then GO FOR IT!


You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling!


You might get there someday if you really, really work hard for it! :)

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