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Since I used to post here quite a bit (even becoming a Platinum member I think- WOW!) and have gone silent for a long time, in the event of the very remote circumstance that somebody wonders what has become of me and if I've just been a "fairweather" ballet class member - here's a bit of a catch-up for the last several months:


Yes, I still do ballet - mostly one class a week. Since I ruptured my post tib tendon (which can't be repaired) I've not been able to do much on my left foot - no single foot rises, no pirouettes on that foot, stay out of jumps, retire early from most centre work. But I still to barre and some of the centre work. And enjoy it very much.


So my interests have had to change a bit - though I still get enormous pleasure from ballet.

1. I teach a stretch class once a week, which is immensely satisfying.

2. People appreciate me doing what I can best call "dance comedy" - being silly to music - which I perform in cabaret, night clubs, and so on. I must admit I get a great buzz from doing this. Latest being a joke tango inspired by Eduardo Capussi and Mariana Flores (search Youtube with the words "Stage Tango (La Cumparsita)" for their work). They are briliant comics as well as fantastic tango dancers (which we are not). But we have fun and people like it.

3. I've been doing an act putting myself through tennis racquets to music. Search Youtube for "Professor Pantaloon" if you want a look at the version I did in Las Vegas.

4. Plus other joint performances.


So I've been having a wonderful time, I really enjoy performing, inventing silly dance acts, but unfortunately not in ballet - which I still love!


Hope you are all well,


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Well, Jim, I DID wonder what had become of you. :)


I am glad you are "still around", though sorry for you that you cannot do as much ballet as you were able to do before. That is the bummer about aging, actually - things generally do not get really _better_, do they?


But, hey, as my Dad always said, "there is only one alternative to getting old; and I am not ready for that yet". ;)


I see that you have made the very best of the situation of being unable to jump, etc., and are doing other things which bring you pleasure and that you still continue to do what you can with ballet! Good for you!


So now I hope you continue to keep us updated on your projects. :)



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About once a month, I wonder "how come we don't hear from Jim any more? Hope he's OK, I miss his posts." So, yeah, we DO notice when people are missing. Glad to hear you are still kicking!

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