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Is it true that in order to excel in ballet you must be a certain size? Because i myself feel like im too big to excel in ballet. In reality, i am underweight, very skinny, but when i get to ballet i feel huge!! it's pretty much only because i have really muscular thighs, like runner's legs... it allows me to do so much more and my legs are so much stronger because of it, but i just feel like my body is unproportional or something and that i won't excel in ballet... im trying to work on it but im not sure how...

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FBClove, it's not a "certain size", it is an overall look in terms of proportion, length, and line. It is not a matter of numbers on a scale, and we don't discuss weight here at all. Sometimes muscular legs are genetic, and there is not a lot one can do about it. Sometimes either the poor training, or the dancer not understanding how to be lifted up out of her legs can cause the thighs to be heavier. But if they are just muscular, there is nothing wrong with that, and, as you say, it make you stronger. If you have concerns about your physique for ballet, you need to discuss it with your teacher, as we cannot see you.


I have moved this topic to Young Dancers, as it is really not a health or nutrition question. Also, I would like to ask you to please use upper case letters and proper punctuation in your posts. We do not do text message typing here on Ballet Talk for Dancers. :)


Thank you!

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I feel your pain. I too am skinny but my legs are muscular. But look at it this way, you can't balance on weak toothpick legs can you? No, so muscular legs are good in many ways. Also look at some pictures of ballerina's not all have stick thin legs....

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Im 13 and I weight x pounds and I do have a litte belly. Is that bad for a dancer? Like am I to heavy? Or is it just normal to be x at 13

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Dance freak, we don't talk numbers here, as Ms. Leigh's post higher up explains. Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, but we avoid getting into that conversation as it is always counterproductive.

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Without seeing you it is difficult to advise you. If you have concerns, please do speak with a parent/guardian and your healthcare provider.

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We were posting at the same time Major Johnson. Sorry. Great advise!

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