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A re-visit: "Schedules in the Intermediate-Advanced Levels"


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A member who had been looking through an older Sticky, requested if we would ask members to update the following information. Please feel free to read through the older information here, but please post updated information on this thread that has been opened for you. Current information is desired.


There have been several questions about the number of classes that different aged dancers take.


I am interested to hear the up-to-date schedules of professionally based school's...as in schools that are directly related to companies, or schools such as Harid and Nutmeg that are specifically ballet boarding schools.


I hope others will make the effort to post, if they can...including teachers! :cool:


Some school's websites don't list their schedules, so if someone has access, it would be wonderful if they would take the time to type the school's schedules in.


I am specifically interested in the top 3 levels of these programs. If a smaller program has a track record of placing dancers at top companies, we are interested in that schedule as well.


Many thanks!


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I have been looking around in our area and will post what I found.


Ballet San Jose http://www.balletsj.org/PDF/pro_division_schedule.pdf

Level 4 –

M – tech 1.5 hours, tech/point 1 hour

T – Jazz 1 hour, 1.5 tech/pointe

Thur – tech 1.5 hour, tech/jump 1 hour

Fri- tech 1 hour, Tech/pointe 1.5 hour


Level 5

Tech 5 days per week for 1.5 hours,

Tues tech/pointe/variations for 1 hour directly following tech class

WThF technique/pointe for 1 hour directly following tech class

Sat - tech/pointe/partnering for 1 hour directly following tech class


Level 6

Same as above

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Los Gatos Ballet http://www.losgatosb..._class_schedule


Level 4

3 days per week - 1.5 hour classes of tech / pointe

1 day - Pilates class for 1 hour, then 1.5 hour tech class


Level 5

1 day- Pilates class for 1 hour, then 1.5 hour tech class

2 days per week - tech/pointe class for 2 hours

1 day - tech/pointe for 1.5 hour

1 day - "company" for 1.5 hour



Level 6

3 days per week tech/pointe for 2 hours

1 day Pilates 1 hour, then tech/pointe for 1.5 hour

1 day - "company" for 1.5 hour

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San Francisco Ballet



This is the girls/women schedule, but boy/men is mostly the same with some extra batterie classes


Level 5

technique 2 hours 2 days per week

technique 1.5 hours 3 days per week


Level 6

technique 1.75 hours 6 days per week

pointe 1 hour twice a week (after tech class)

Pas 1.5 hours once a week

Music 1 hour per week


Level 7 & 8

technique 1.75 hours 6 days a week

Pointe/pas 1.25 hours 5 days a week

Music 1 hour per week



Tech 1.75 hours 6 days a week

rehearsals 2.5 hours 5 days a week

Pointe/batterie/pas 1.25 hours 5 days a week

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City Ballet School




Level IV

Monday 4:00-5:30

Tuesday 4:00-5:30

Wednesday 4:00-5:30

Thursday 4:00-5:30


Level V

Monday 5:00-6:00**

Tuesday 5:30-7:00

Wednesday 5:00-7:00

Thursday 5:00-7:00

Friday 4:00-5:00** and 5:30-7:30

Saturday 9:00-11:30



Monday 3:30-5:30, 5:30-6:30*

Tuesday 3:30-5:30, 5:30-7:00*

Wednesday 3:00-5:00, 5:30-7:00*

Thursday 3:00-5:00, 5:30-7:00*

Friday 3:00-5:00, 5:30-7:00*

Saturday 9:00-11:30

*contemporary/pointe/partnering/variation/stretch & strengthening

**stretch & strengthening

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Marin Ballet



Levels 7/8

Technique 1.75 hours 4 days per week, 1 day 1.5 hour

Pointe 1.5 hours twice a week, 1 day 1 hour, following tech class


Level 9

tech 1.75 hours, 4 days per week

pointe 1 hour, 4 days per week

tech/pointe 1.75 hours 1 day per week

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Contra Costa Ballet

Level 4

technique 1.5 hours 4 days per week

character .5 hours per week


Level 5

technique 1.5 hours 4 days per week

pointe .75 hours 3 days per week


Level 6

Technique 1.5 hours 5 days per week

pointe .75 hours 3 days per week



Technique 1.5 hours 6 days per week

pointe .75 hours 3 days per week

Contemporary 1 hour per week

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Levels 1A- 7B

Dancers are placed by ability not by age. So dancers of all ages are in all levels.

Intermediate levels 3 & 4

Advanced levels 5, 6, 7A, & 7B

My dancer is in an advanced level.

-Mon.-Friday they have 4 required dance classes starting at 4:30 and ending 9:00 or 9:15. Technique, pointe, partnering, variations


-Saturdays classes start at 9:00am and continue until 5 or 6. There are often rehearsals. (There is a scheduled lunch break)


-Extra classes are offered at 2:00 on Mon & Wed, 3:30 on Tues & Thursday , and on Sundays.


Most high school age dancers either attend the public school which has a program to allow the dancers to leave at lunch or they use a cyber school program. There are many dancer students attending who are finished with high school.


This is a lot of hours but that is why their dancers are so well respected by professional companies. A student at CPYB learns work ethic.

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Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

Full-time high school program


M-Th 8:00-9:30 a.m. Technique

F 8:00-9:30 a.m. Modern


M-F 3:00-6:00 p.m. (or occasionally ending at 5:30 or 5:45)--various classes, see below

Sat about 9:00-2:00--several classes, see below


M-F afternoon classes and Saturday classes include Technique (1.5-1.75 hrs/day, for a total of about 9.5 hours/wk in addition to weekday morning classes), Pointe (2-2.5 hours/wk), Variations (2-2.5 hrs/wk), Character (about 1 hr/wk), Modern (1.5 hrs/week in addition to the Fri morning class), Pilates (1 hr/week), Pas de deux (about 1.5 hrs/week)


While the hours are about the same from week to week, the specific classes and hours spent on each one will change somewhat (except technique).

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