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Looking for Adult ballet classes


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For the last few years we've asked that if you are seeking recommendations for good adult ballet classes or programmes, you post your request in the Pre-Professional General Education forum, on the principle that a good pre-professional school is likely to have a good adult programme, or that regular readers of the pre-pro forum will have advice about good classes in their area.


However, as that forum is now organised alphabetically for ease of reference, we're finding that most of the first page is taken up with requests for Adult classes. So we're going back to placing requests for information about classes in the Adult Ballet Students forum, here.


Can we follow the same protocol:


GIve your post the title:

Adult Ballet Classes (space)- (dash) (space) general area

specific area


For example:

Adult Ballet Classes - Texas

In the topic description box, it says, "Dallas"


Thanks for your co-operation.

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All "Adult Ballet Classes - Location" threads have been moved here. To find them click at the top on "Custom" and re-order the topics by (Sort) "Topic Title", then "ascending order- A_Z", then "Update Filter". Then click on page 4 which is where they start, and they take up the next 2 pages!

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I travel on occasion and would like to quickly look up where to take class. This will help!

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