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My daughter is 15 and has been dancing for 6 yrs now....she has taken all forms of dance and is just now starting pointe. Because of her dance schedule in the past she has not had the time to do a Summer Intensive...this coming 2012 summer she does. She is not an extremely strong dancer but holds her own in class. Do you think an SI is a good fit? I worry about the audtion process being discouraging to us to actually get it to one or not. If she went to a ballet SI would she be the only one that is not fully on pointe??


Thanks for any help that you can give

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In some of the SI programs she would be expected to be on pointe at her age. However, there are some that might consider accepting her in a lower level. She would probably be with 12-14 year olds. I really think she should audition, and use those auditions to see where she really is in terms of her technique and level. Rather than discouraging, hopefully she would learn a lot in the audition classes, and be able to see for herself where her technique might be lacking. One will certainly never know without trying. If she is serious about dance, especially ballet, then an SI by this age is definitely necessary.


Keep in mind that by the time of the SI, in late June or July, she will have been on pointe a lot longer. If her training is good, and she has daily technique classes and several pointe classes a week, she should be quite ready.

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