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I do object to one response you received -- that a poorly run ballet school will eventually downsize or go out of business. I don’t think that is the case in ballet. First of all, there are so few ballet focused dance schools, they have a good supply of customers, no matter how brief their enrollment. If the Directors have good ballet connections for jobs for the select few they have decided to focus on or they themselves have a good reputation as dancers, their own careers (the “celebrity” factor), or good connections for endowments, the school will continue.


No need to object Curanda, it sounds like our areas have different situations. Our experience is that there are many ballet schools in our area. Some small, a few larger and many in the suburbs too. The professional company has re-opened their own school. The largest school in the city has already seen a decrease in enrollment. It started before the pro company re-opened its school. Maybe it was the economy, maybe it was dissatisfaction among its clients, maybe it had to combine classes because of the bottom line combined with decreased enrollment. Other communities may not have all the options that are available in our city but I was commenting on my observations. (I have served on the board of two of these schools. I've seen the budget and enrollment).


I've also never considered it "interfering" if I had a question about training when my dd was young. For example, a request to see if dd was doing something incorrectly that might be causing tendonitis or advice on an SI. Around 15 though, I thought it was important for dd to learn to advocate for herself. That didn't mean I wasn't paying attention or involved; I was in the background coaching her on how to advocate in a respectful manner. And yes, Huckleberry Dawg, we DO get a vote- these are our children, our responsibility and they count on us!


Dancedad, You are right, this forum has educated and empowered our family on this crazy ballet journey. Glad you've found it since it sounds like your journey is still in progress!

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I have split a number of last posts off into a new topic: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=55013


We have gone too far afield from the focus of THIS thread, i.e., 'The Journey and what we have learned' when we start trying to divine answers from the crystal ball about what may or may not be in the future. :wink:

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