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I'm wondering if anyone has experienced different degrees of flexibility or have more of a pointe on one side versus the other. My right foot, for example has more of a defined pointe than my left. I also have more of a rotation when turning my shoulders clockwise than I do counterclockwise. Anyone else notice the same thing?

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Yes, I feel exactly like you do!


The right foot points way more than the left, my turns from the left work much better than from the right etc etc etc...

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It's more common than not - our bodies aren't exactly the same on both sides and most people turn better to one side than the other, or are more flexible with one leg than the other or better placed on one side than the other, because they have more turnout. Try practising more on the weaker side to build it up.

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It is more difficult for me to do splits on my left side and center than on my right side, my left foot (while also flat :P) also has a tiny bit more instep/arch than my right foot. I also turn consistently well towards my left side en de hors (supporting right foot) and not well with the left supporting foot en de hors to the right side. My way around it is that I always work my bad side first, then my good side, and back to my bad side... otherwise it becomes too easy for me to rely on my "good side".

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