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Class has turned into rehearsal time


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There's a school where I've been taking a weekly class for a very long time (the only ballet class they offer, btw). I've always been very happy about the class, it's taught by a Russian teacher in a studio of the Royal Ballet School.


However, this is recital year. They only do a recital every couple of years (luckily!!), but the teacher started spending nearly half of our class time on rehearsing the recital piece. I'm not in the recital as I have other obligations that weekend. Even if I were in the recital, I do not spend money to rehearse choreography for 45 minutes, I want to learn technique.


I really don't know what to do, I don't want to pay for a class every week and then do barre, 2 center excercises and then sit out or go home. On the other hand I'm in the middle of preparing for drama school auditions (musical theatre) and I need to take ballet in order to be prepared. There are other schools in the area but all are much more expensive then this one (6.5 euro for a class!)


I regret this so much, I love this teacher, he's incredibly nice but very strict at the same time and teaches really really well. But I need technique class, so I guess I'll have to leave this school, at least until April, which is when the recital is.


:( :(

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I just received an email from another school I contacted. I can only enroll if I pay for the entire year! Which means paying for 12-13 classes I didn't take there. They say I can make them up, but they don't offer enough classes that I could take as make up classes. So disappointing!

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I'm sorry about this- I hate when that happens. Can you at least pay a barre only rate?

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