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New school & New Dress Code! Help!


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So recently, some big changes happened. I moved and have decided to leave the small, unprofessional studio I have been at for quite a while to go to a very good pre-pro school. (That's what they're called right? Like a ballet school attached to a company right? Sorry if I'm using wrong terminology.) Anyways, I have a placement class saturday, and the lady said the level they're going to start me out in is required to wear a Royal Blue leotard. I'm going to the dancewear store tomorrow to get some leotards because I've needed some news ones really bad, and I got some money for my birthday recently anyways! :) But I need some help with what color Royal Blue is exactly..I don't want it to be Navy Blue, because that's what one of the higher levels wears. She said specifically Royal Blue. Any suggestions for some good leotards? Most of the ones I've seen on Discount Dance are at the dancewear store I go to. Also, could I have some advice on calming my nerves? I'm going to a brand new ballet school, and I know I'm not exactly at the level I should be at my age partly because of my old studio and because I didn't have the motivation for a while. But I've gone to a bunch of the shows that the students from this school danced in, and they're all amazing! I'm afraid I'll go and make other dancers wonder why the dancing walrus escaped from the zoo...help? :helpsmilie:

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L Bristol, it's just a placement class. Relax! You can only do what you can do, and if you do it with a pleasant and positive attitude, remain very open to corrections and apply them immediately, you will be fine. :)


As for the leotard, the store will know what Royal Blue is. Royal Blue and Navy Blue are very different.


And congratulations on switching to a pre-pro school! :clapping:

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Okay! Haha, as you can tell, I'm just really nervous! I will definitely do that!


Okay! Yes.


Thanks! I just would never be able to get to the level I need to be at someday to be professional if I stayed at that other studio. I'll keep you posted on how everything goes at this new school!


Thanks again! :)

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