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My 11 year old dd has asked me to help her make a "schedule" of stretches and foot strengthening exercises. We wanted to come up with a "long" version that would take her about 20 minutes and then a "short" version of under 10 minutes. Does anyone have anything like this? Basically a mix of theraband type stuff and prepointe type exercises and then stretches that will help her with getting her splits. Thanks in advance.

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Clementine, we cannot prescribe exercises for a child we cannot see, and cannot show the exercises and see that she learns to do them exactly right. That is her teacher's job, because she or he should know exactly what this child needs to do. A routine of exercise is fine, but they need to have a specific purpose and an order. And her splits would not be a part of them. Flexibility exercises are not recommended at all unless a child has had a complete warm up with full barre work. Most students of her age are not yet able to do barre work on their own, and really should not. Bad habits can develop very quickly and are very hard to break.

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