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Pointe shoes when not fully ready?


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Hey Everyone,

So, recently one of my friends has decided to start taking ballet again after not taking classes since she was very little. A few weeks after her classes started she told me that her teacher would like to put her on pointe soon. Of course, being trained at a pre-professional studio, I automatically got extremely worried. Surely she can't be ready for pointe after just starting again!? She's dancing at a small studio where she takes 1 or 2 classes per week. What do you think of this? It makes me nervous thinking about it!

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Best not to think about it! She is wasting her time and money taking classes at a school that would do that.


[i moved your topic here, as it is about ballet training, not pointe shoes.]

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Okay, thank you! I wasn't sure what to do there.... Sorry for posting in the wrong area!

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There is really not much you can do, pinkdancer, except maybe invite her to watch classes at your school?

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And to tell her about Ballet Talk for Dancers!!!! :wink:

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