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Audition Photos?


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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me information on photos need for auditions? I'm not really clear on how to take them. Should I have a friend do it and print them or something else? I'm very confused, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks :)

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One more question to add to daretodance's post...Head shots--hair up or down?



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There a threads on this topic already. Head shots, hair up, so that you look like what they see in the audition class. Purpose of the photos is for auditioners to remember you.


For your dance photos, best to have a teacher there to help you, and a parent or friend to shoot the photos. And yes, you will need prints. Each program has requirements for photos, so be be sure to look that up on their website ahead of time.

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Ok...Time to do some searching!


Edited later to add: did find info; all it said it was that hairstyles were up to me.

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As an auditioner for many years, I used to get a dance shot and a head shot. The head shots were always hair down and no one looked the same as anyone I saw in the audition. So, they were not helpful. I stopped taking head shots. But I strongly suggest that if the program asks for a head shot, then do it looking like you will look in the audition.

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Thank you, Ms Leigh!

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