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calluses - leave or work off?


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I recently looked at dd's feet, who is 10.5 and takes technique class four times a week with rehearsals on other days, and she has a number of calluses on her feet. Some were peeling off and others just seemed dry and part of her feet. She also has a split under one of her big toes (in the crease) that recurrs every so often. She'll put ointment on the split, it'll heal and then begin to split again after a time.


I was putting lotion on her feet and rubbing off the peeling skin. Then I realized that perhaps I should be leaving it all alone.


What is the proper care for a dancer's feet?! LOL!



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The split that you are describing could be related to "Athlete's Foot", a common foot infection caused by a fungus. There are over-the-counter sprays that must be used for a certain time period in order to completely get rid of the fungus.


Since she is so young, I'd have a pediatrician take a look at her. Callouses would be rare for a pre-pointe dancer.

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