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Delightful December


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Noticed that no-one had started the monthly thread. Having to think hard for something decent I've managed this month. All the hard work on my lats and knitting my ribs in pilates is paying off: my arms now move from the centre of my back, and I'm gradually correcting my splayed ribs.

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finally found an adult pointe class, saturday afternoons 2:30 -3:30 going to check it out today. tired to check it out last week, of course no class due to the holidays.

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I'm ending this term's worth of classes on what I think is a good note...I can see places where I've improved and corrected some things and also see new opportunities to attack :) Though I'm sad that there will be a long break with no classes, I'm also looking forward to giving my body a little R&R and also having some time (hooray for being off of work for a couple of weeks!) and studio space (mostly-vacant-during-the-holidays dance room at my gym) to work through some sticky points on my own. I'm thrilled to note that I am at the point where I can both note places where I just need to break things down (choreography, technique, musicality, transitions) and be able to make changes and fixes intelligently while avoiding bad habits. This kind of practice time--even if I'm just marking through a new combination and figuring out the transitions and getting the sequence straight in my mind--is so valuable and satisfying. :)

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Had the opportunity to take a class with Anna Trubunskaya from Dancing with the Stars at the studio where I go, she is in town performing - OMG ballroom is so hard, we learned the cha cha - she started slow, with the basic steps, then started adding little things - she is such a good teacher, we partnered up, and after working a little on what she taught us we would switch partners, everyone had the opportunity to dance/work with Anna. I even have picture proof.....

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kylara7 - sounds like a good place to be ending the term on.


The high point for me this term was performing in the theatre awards competition at my dance school with my senior contemporary class - we got the highest award and it is was awesome to be on stage again for the first time in 5 years!

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I had my last class of the term on Tuesday, have to start open classes until next term, but finished with some great petit allegro- normally not my thing but getting more into beats and jumps. We did Italian changements and passe change jumps that were really fun, got in triple piroettes en dehors and en dedans, and long balances. Apparently less is more right now for me. Class tomorrow morning at an old studio, I hope I still like it.

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