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so I tried on a white leotard...


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Hello everyone!


I do a lot of lurking, and little posting..but I had to share my surprise!


I tried on a white Mirella leotard yesterday, and to my utter amazement it looked slimming and flattering! I never though a light colored leotard would ever look nice on anyone past the age of about 10 (:


Anyways, just wanted to share my excitement!

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Wow! Good for you!


I have seen a couple of the young ladies at our studio wear white leotards and look stunning... not something that I would ever think of trying on I must say.

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Wow...thanks for sharing your experience. I have never considered even trying a white leo because I assumed it would be unflattering and/or too revealing but now I'm intrigued :)

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Awesome. I looked half-heartedly for a white leotard this spring/summer. They look great if you find the perfect fit (more important in white than in darker colours), but selection is so sparse that I never found one that did it for me. Maybe next summer? Enjoy yours!

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My white leo is one of my favourite. I think the way a leo is cut is much more flattering (or not) than the color. White looks very nice and clean, very polished and fresh! It depends also on your skin tone. I am nearly white so white leo looks on me like a Swan :devil:

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BlleFlle - I like your tunic a lot. I have looked at it more than once but decided that white wasnt for me of course I never actually tried it on.


Future MD2010 - princess seams are VERY flattering and sliming :grinning:


Claude - you are not the only one who is pale :grinning: I still had my tights on the one day, they were sticking out the bottom of my sundress but the feet were folded up (convertible tights) and my mom asked me "what is wrong with your leg" :angelnot: nothing.... my tights were just rolled up to that point.

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I'm another one who is extremely pale. I don't look good in white dresses or blouses, so I doubt I'd look good in a white leotard. Too bad, I love the look of a white leo.

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You never know, Majoleine, I am a very light skinned blonde and the white tunic looks very pretty...just wear a little blush! It can be a very sweet, angelic look :innocent:

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Paleness is very particular, and how good colours look on people depend more on their skintones than on darkness or lightness. I am very pale in the winter especially, but I can wear pure whites easily. Anything verging on cream, however, is another story!

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There's this one capezio cotton leotard with a "Woven cross" back kind of look... very economic, fully lined in front. I also really liked the way my friends and I looked in it, despite not being a huge fan of "fancy back" leotards or cotton. I think it was only $16 on Discountdance.com. Quite nice! I've always wanted an Apolloesque tunic like that! I may try it... Degas has some beautiful looking tunics too, though the prices are quite steep as well.

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What I really wanted was to get my hands on the capsleeve leotard shown here to give it a try, but Discount Dance doesn't carry it and I couldn't find a style name or number anywhere to help me look. It's really OK, though... I was putting away freshly-washed leotards today and was reminded that there's no shortage of them in my drawer whatsoever.

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I believe it's the same leotard with the straps pulled over the shoulders!

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