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DD isn't in need of a bra yet, but I'm wondering what the recommended undergarments are once she is. All of the older girls in the studio don't appear to be wearing bras under their leotards (at least I don't see any straps sticking out!). I've seen the nude colored leotards in various dance stores and online, but don't see the older girls wearing these.


Are leotards more supportive than I think or are the girls wearing something else?



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At my dd's pre-professional ballet school, the majority of the teens do not wear bras. There are shelf liners/built in bras in their leotards which provide enough support. For the girls who have larger breasts, they may wear bras as long as the bras are totally covered by their leotards. To facilitate this, the uniform for the upper levels is any black leotard, pink tights, pink slippers, etc. This way, the girls who need to can find more supportive leotards or find leos that work with athletic bras. The nude leos that I've seen do not seem to be any more supportive than the colored leos.

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It's normal not to wear undergarments for class. I have seen girls wear changing leos under their costumes - depending on what the costume is. If she eventually needs a bra you can look for the type that has clear straps but as a general rule the leotard should be supportive enough.

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