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Adapting to Jazz


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DD is 10.5, takes technique 4 times a week and is also taking a jazz class once a week. I've noticed that the girls in her jazz class who take more ballet are very upright and seem somewhat awkward in jazz. Will the transition between styles become more seemless with time?


My younger dd who also takes both ballet and jazz seems to have an easier time with the feel of jazz. She doesn't look like a ballerina doing jazz, for lack of a better description!


Does this smooth out with time?

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In my opinion, kids who have not yet had a strong foundation in Classical Ballet shouldn't be doing Jazz, period. But the consumer demands....... at any rate, yes, it certainly can smooth out with more time, but there are some bodies that just struggle in dance, regardless of the genre.


Jazz require absolute control over the muscles surrounding the joints, which is why I feel so strongly about Ballet being first, other genres coming later. Children are just not physically developed enough to be able to perform the movements correctly, and to control their bodies, which is why you see some awkwardness.

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My personal opinion is that they need to be both at least 12 and have had 4 years of actual ballet training- pre-ballet and creative movement don't count.

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I concur in Clara's opinion, and would extend that to any other specialty training as well, including dedicated character dance classes.

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