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breathing problem in grand allegro


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I seem only able to achieve elevation in grand jete (croise with attitute derriere or straight legs efface) by inhaling during the jump, whereas I inhale during pas de bouree or glissade leading to a grand saute de chat but exhale during the jump. Is this some psychological trap that I've trained myself into? Sometimes there are too many jumps in a menage, and I lose track of my breathing, and I lose the elevation as well. Please help!

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Breath noirmally! It sounds as if you may be thinking too much about it. Make sure you do not hold your breath. That will make you breathless.

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Yes, it's a breathing habit you've acquired. Typically, a sequence such as you describe starts with a chassé or tombé. Exhale on that step, then inhale through the pas de bourree and glissade, Exhale on the jeté, if that's what works for you.

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Thank you for the quick responses!


I somehow probably kidded myself to exhale as much as possible during the pas de couru leading to grande jete croise (a la bournonville), so I can inhale for a long time during the actual jump, and somehow it seemed to me that I lasted longer in air - like blowfish :grinning: float up because of the air!


But when it comes to grande saute de chat, I trained myself to inhale as much as possible in the glissade so I get a little bit of elevation in the glissade, and then exhale when I develope my legs into the grande saute de chat as if I'm kinda kicking and spliting the air - imagery: parting the red sea :grinning: with the air from my lung...


I guess I should just try not to think too much my breath....

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