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I currently attend a small school that is not well known but it is run by an ex-principal so I think its standards are pretty high. I am thinking about doing full time here next year, however I was wondering if you knew of any other good full time schools in Perth, thanks :)

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Hi Swan-Queen,


How old are you and have you finished Year 12, or are you going to still do school by corespondance?

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Ok, I only asked because if you had finished year 12 I would have suggested WAAPA. I am not based in WA so I'm not confident making any other specific school recommendations, hopefully there is someone who is who can help! Otherwise, check with your peak body association (RAD state panel, Cecchetti society panel etc) and they should at minimum be able to give you a list of schools to start looking at.


Home schooling or correspondance whilst training full time is hard - and not a decision to be taken lightly, but if your parents are in agreement and you are prepared to do your school work outside of class time then good luck and enjoy!

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I don't know the geography of WA, but would Academie Etoiles in Booragoon be suitable? Samantha Leeman is an excellent teacher, and has trained students prior to them moving to the Australian Ballet School (I'm a former student of hers, but not ABS standard I'm afraid!).

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