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This is very, very sad news, and I was waiting for an official obituary, but it has not appeared yet. Unfortunately, this is official. Mark Goldweber passed on Saturday, after a battle with cancer. Many of us knew him very well, and loved him greatly. He was a very special dancer, teacher, and ballet master. He was a member of our board and Ballet Alert, and posted as Glebb. I will post links to the obituaries when they come out, but right now please go to Ballet Alert to read about Mark, and to see a wonderful video clip of him performing in Les Patineurs.


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Our condolences to you, Ms. Leigh, and the many others whose lives he clearly touched in a special way.

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Very sorry for the loss.....

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So sorry to hear this Ms. Leigh. Mr. Goldweber was definitely a jewel.

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Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.


That's beautiful, Mr Johnson. :flowers:


My sympathies to all who knew this dancer. I'm sorry for your loss.

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I am very saddened and shocked. So very sad. A very large loss to the ballet world. Rest in peace Mark.

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If I am correct, I believe that he trained under my former teacher, Francoise Martinet, of the Joffrey Ballet School and Professor Emeritus at the University of Iowa.

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Not really; Francoise wasn't on regular faculty when he was a student at the school, and he went right into Joffrey II before the end of his first summer there. His regular teachers at the American Ballet Center were Meredith Baylis, Richard Gibson, Sally Brayley Bliss and Maria Grandy.

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Perhaps I have him confused with someone else. Thanks for clarifying, Major Mel. Confusion seems to be the name of my game lately:(

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Now I'm not saying he couldn't have taken class from her. Francoise would come in as a sort of "regular guest teacher" for a month to a whole semester at a time, She just wasn't teaching for an entire term by 1975. Before that, yes, and she was a great favorite among Joffrey students. Both company and Joffrey II dancers had the privilege of taking any class in the school that they wanted.

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The New York Times does a lot to explain Mark's importance and what made him SO good:




(Indientally, even though the picture is rotated to the right 90 degrees, the classical name for what he's doing is temps de l'ange. It's from Arpino's "Trinity". Oddly appropriate.)

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