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Is NYCB and SAB the same ballet company? If not, is there anything that really sets them apart from eachother? (Sorry if this is not the correct board, I didn't know what board to post this on!) :blushing:

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NYCB is New York City Ballet, which is a professional company. SAB is School of American Ballet, which is the school connected to NYCB company. :)

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Oh ok! Thanks, and if you don't mind me asking another question about SAB. Is it a good school to go to for a summer intensive? Because it's so big, I was thinking you wouldn't get a lot of corrections or any of that?

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We do not comment on the pros and cons of the summer programs, we just provide you with all the information to make your own decisions. You need to read the SI forum reviews. They are on the 2010/11 SI Programs, in alphabetical order. There are reviews from previous years in the Archives.

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