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Tights Without Toe Seams?


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Does anyone even make them? Six year old daughter has always had sensitive feet (had to cut the footies out of her footie pajamas as a baby). We turn regular tights inside out which makes them tolerable but some days they still bother her enough so that she's thinking about the seams pressing on her toes instead of paying attention in class. We have found seamless socks and tights but not the right kind for ballet. Any ideas?

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This is just an idea... but has she tried pulling the tights a little so that the seam goes under where the toes join the foot as opposed to on the end of the toe? It may not bug her as much. I do this to prevent the extra rubbing that the tights can do when shoes are tightly fitting.


I do know that I do have some tights at home that do not have a seam, but will have to go through them to check for you.

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Look at primasoft, they are so . . . squishy?. . .that the seams don't feel the same. Also look for convertible tights with the "seam" being a hole under the arch of the foot.

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Thanks for the advice, everyone. Convertible tights are worse because she can feel the edging around the hole. She currently has Block Endura footed tights but I will try the brands suggested as well as respositioning the seam. Cheers!

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My dd wears convertible tights but only pulls them over half of her foot. She leaves her toes free. As long as her toes are free, she doesn't mind them. Would this work for your dd?

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Body Wrappers makes convertible tights without toe seams. All seams and tags bother my dd. The brand has held up well and makes tights with and without the back seam.

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Welcome, by the way, to Ballet Talk for Dancers!!!!! You will likely enjoy the Pro Shop forum too where they discuss tutus and how to make them!!!!!


Here is a link but you will also find it by scrolling down to the Pro forums on our main page:


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Thought I'd post in case there are more sensitive little feet out there. We tried a few different combinations and the best so far is Danskin microfiber tights turned inside out with the toe seam positioned on top of her toe nails. The Danskin seams are less bulky than other brands. Thanks for all the advice and the welcome.

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