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Hello there, I have been reading this forum for a while and it has been a saving grace for a mum like me that had no prior knowledge of anything Ballet until my Daughter began Dancing 5 years ago. I would like to thank you as you have been my first port of call many many times when my dd and I have been in need of advice.

As I have always managed to find answers to my endless questions until now this will be my first post! I hope i have done anything correctly and have posted in the right place :nixweiss:


My dd is Eleven and a half and I have a question about going on pointe. DD currently does 5.5hrs Ballet per week over three classes, 1.5hrs contemporary plus conditioning and limbering classes.


The situation my daughter is in is unusual, dd only does 1hr of Ballet plus other genres of dance at her regular dance school and loves every aspect of it including her teachers. Through this school has successfully auditioned for two Ballet Associate programs and has been attending these as well for 3 years.

Seperate from all of this dd also successfully auditioned for a national Ballet program in September 2010 which adds another two Ballet classes a week plus the contemporary.


Now for the question.....well her regular dance school want her to go on Pointe in July and national Ballet program say she is ready now and usually I would go with the regular dance school who we do trust and I know that they have dds best interests in mind and I am well aware that she is still young 'but' we are planning on emigrating to Australia in Aug this year so would it be better to wait and let her go on pointe in July or should i let her go up now? I am just worried that if we wait until July she won't have had any classes by the time we emigrate and so when she starts Ballet in Australia if not already on pointe may have to wait again!


I Hope this all makes sense and is not a silly question, some advice would but greatly appreciated. Would like to do the right thing for dd and not upset anyone at the same time. Thanks so much.

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Hello, K8tie, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :)


At the very head of every forum, there's a place for what are called "stickies", which are of great interest to more than just an individual poster, so they are set apart at the top of each board. Click into "Pointe Shoe Forum" and you'll find among the stickies a thread "Facts of Life about Pointe". Victoria Leigh has written it to provide guidelines to the inquiring student OR parent. Compare and contrast your situation with the conditions described on the thread.


I like what I've seen so far about your daughter's classload and age, and am relieved to hear that she is in a Ballet Associate's programme. As to the transfer situation, I know that other parents who have made international moves are here, so they will be able to give you guidance in light of their experiences. Keep posting, and let's discuss your unique situation in some detail.

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Thank you so much for the fast reply Mr Johnson. I have read the sticky before and found it very informative.

I suppose my question isn't really about which Teacher to listen to as we would be happy to wait until July as dds teacher recommends but more about the effect moving to Australia will have on the decision to wait or not.


Any advice from parents who have been a similar situation would be great. My dd is very worried about the effects that the move may have on her dancing in general too!

Many thanks

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So what say, parents? Have any of you experienced something like k8tie is going through -- starting in Mother England, and then moving to the Commonwealth? Even second-hand is helpful here.

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I haven't experienced this as a parent, but I did ballet as a child and came from a military family in the U.S. The year I was supposed to begin pointe (at age 11), we were transferred. My new dance teacher wanted to watch me for a year before putting me on pointe. I was set to start then at age 12 and guess what? We moved again and again my new teacher wanted to wait. So, after waiting an additional two years, I started at age 13. Within the year, I had caught up to the girls who had started earlier. And, honestly, I didn't like ballet and didn't work as hard as I could have. I would think an 11- or 12-year-old who really enjoys dance and actually wants to improve would have no problems adjusting to a move and waiting a bit. Maybe a few extra lessons when you get to Australia will help her along if she needs it.

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Thankyou 'mamatomary' for your reply. That you had to wait to go on Pointe after moving is just what we are trying to avoid and also what i thought would happen in this situation and although my dd whom is desperate to my on Pointe wouldn't agree< I do also agree that any good Ballet School would and should take time to watch a new pupil before allowing this. Humm....I am still unsure, maybe I should go and discuss the full situation with dds teacher in the hope that she would give dd permission as we are in an unusal situation and try to get her to understand that we are not trying to go above her head so to speak! Problem is we haven't told many people that we are moving yet and didn't really want to until closer to the time.

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My daughter did a strengthening program called "The Perfect Pointe" and I think they also had a parent's manual. It was good to have solid list to look at.

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