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High-Cut Leotards


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I was wondering where I can get a few moderately priced high leg cut leotards online? I was also wondering if there is a way to cut the leg of a leotard and re-sew it with a higher leg cut successfully . . . I have one leotard I absolutely LOVE from the waist up, but the cut is very low and makes me look terrible and I was wondering if anyone has any sewing methods to re-cut leotards so that they have a higher leg cut, or if anyone has any experience with this. . Please let me know! I love to sew and am good at it but I'm scared to cut the leg holes in my leotards higher :P I'd appreciate any and all experiences/ advice! :)


Thanks! :)


***************P.S. sorry if this is in the wrong forum I wasn't sure where to post it lol :P

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I have a friend who rolled up her leotard legs (if youre okay with the look of that) and sewed it to stay like that. But Let me warn you: this method does not work for everyone! And if you roll it too high it can make your thighs look large.

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And to think I sewed down the legs on my mum's almost-in-perfect-condition leotard from the 80s!!! :angelnot:

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How did I miss this one??? Esmeralda, as I said on another thread I closed, leotard topics go on the Buddy Board. Or, if you want sewing advice, go to the Pro Shop. There are a number of excellent costumers there who might be able to help you, and they cannot post here on the YD board. This topic is closed.

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