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Nutcracker ballet


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Wondering how many people go to see the Nutcracker ballet during the holidays. I took the "lazy" route this year and watched a DVD version with Mikail Baryshnikov and Gelsey Kirkland.


How about some of you guys??

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I think I went a little overboard this year and watched all 5 versions shown on Ovation this year, plus a live performance by Ballet Arizona. Loved them all!

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Hi Mermaid7176. Thanks to you and arciedee for replying my topic and happy holidays!!

Mermaid7176...where abouts in AZ do you live? I only ask because I used to live in Scottsdale and do miss it very much. I currently reside near West Palm Beach, FL.

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Personally, I think that seeing live performances are ALWAYS better, but the Gelsey Kirkland version is the best DVD of the Nutcracker.

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I did not get to see a live version of the Nutcracker but I did watch Pacific Northwest Ballet's (?) version of it on Netflix. I heard about the Ovation series and wanted to catch some of them but then I realized we do not get that station. I did perform in a small, local performing company's version of Nutcracker (with my husband and our two girls - so a family affair).

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Hi Balletbrit- We are in the North Phoenix area and love it here. After moving years ago from California- we would never go back :)


Next year, I will have to be sure to rent some other versions of Nutcracker on Netflix. How can I pass up Baryshnikov?

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Hi Mermaid. Where do you take ballet? I used to take class at a place called "Forever Young" which was located at the corner of Thomas and Hayden. I also would practice at "Destiny Dance" which is owned by Sheryl Cooper. Her studio is located on Indian School Rd east of 44th St.

My email is balletbrit1@yahoo.com. Email me, I'd love to chat.

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I saw the National Ballet of Canada's Nutcracker in person and watched the NYCB's version from PBS's Live at Lincoln Center on the DVR over the holiday break...two very different productions but both had many lovely moments and filled with inspiring dancing. :)

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BalletBrit-Right now, I am taking 4 classes a week at Beuf Community Center. The teacher there is great and really understands Adults who are returning to ballet (or just getting started). In the future, I'd like to take classes elsewhere and add more in- but with a toddler at home and a busy husband needing my support, I've got my hands full :)


kylara7- Wow, it must have been wonderful to see the National Ballet of Canada's Nutcracker. I have heard wonderful things about that company!

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Saw Joffrey Ballet's Nutcracker in Chicago....beautiful show! Great choreography, costumes, sets, music from Chicago Sinfonietta...

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I didn't see a live production, but I did dance in one (Party, Snow, and Flowers). After that, I swore I was Nutcrackered out for the year...until the night of NYCB's live broadcast from Lincoln Center. :happy:

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ArtofMoving...THAT had to have been a BLAST!!!! I used to help my old ballet instructor out by doing performances with some of her younger girls. It used to be soooo much fun to do some partnering!!!!!!

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