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Ideal Diet and Work Out Regimen for Male Dancer


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I am a college student at Butler and was cast in Nacho Duato's "por vos muero." The beginning of the piece starts out with all the men wearing flesh toned shorts. I am in fairly decent shape but am looking for nutritional tips that will tune up my physic and make my body killer before I have to go on stage. Any suggestions will help and also if you could include any workout tips that would be great too! Thanks!

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Without seeing how you look and how you work, it would be a fool's errand to attempt to prescribe any regimen of any sort for you.

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Well obviously I wasn't looking for any sort of specific program. I would seek advice from a nutritionist if that was my intention. I am simply asking if there were any foods that have really helped any one to achieve a lean body. Not interested in any chemicals etc. but looking for basic tips/references on nutrition or exercise that could lead me in the right direction.

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Pay strict attention to what you're eating and when. Make sure that you are eating a balanced diet, and aren't grazing your way through the day with snacks. Pay close attention to what you do in ballet class and work hard. Those are the most specific tips I can give you, sight unseen.

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Mel's advice is good. Unless you are a serious body builder, my sense is that what you eat is irrelevant to your physique. The obvious thing is not to gain a lot of weight.


I also think that how you dance will be more important than what you look like. Work hard both in class and rehearsal. Be calm and confident in what you are performing and I doubt if you will spend much time or energy thinking about what you look like.

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