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Music: Time Signature for Don Quixote Coda

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Does anyone know the time signatures for the female Don Quixote coda? Parts of it sound like a 3/4, and parts of it sound like a 2/4...at least to me...I hear, "1 and a 2 and 3 and a 4 and!" Am I going insane? :shrug:

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If you are speaking about the fan variation where she has the échappé relevés, that is 2/4 or 4/4- no waltz. It is just a faster 2/4 (or 4/4) then a slow 2/4. I'm sure a musician will have a more specific answer!!

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The Fan Variation, which was tipped into the score sometime later than its 1869 premiere and may be by Riccardo Drigo, is entirely in 2/4. Likewise, the entire coda for the grand pas de deux is a 2/4.

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Thank you, Clara and Mr Johnson!

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