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Summer Intensive arabesque photo - pointe or not?


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Hi. I am a young dancer (age 10) and have been on pre-pointe/pointe for two years. I am going to be auditioning this summer for some young dancer intensives (I'm still too young to do the big intensives) which require a 1st arabesque photo. I'm thinking I'll just use my slippers but I know that for older dancers the companies like to see the arabesque in pointe. I can do it but I don't want to look like I'm forcing the issue! What do you think? Should I go with a pointe arabesque?


FYI, yes, I am trying for the ABT young dancer intensive (if that helps)





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Hello onefinedancer. I would like to welcome you to Ballet Talk for Dancers, however, I'm afraid that you are not going to be able to remain a member of the board because you are well under our age limit. You sound like a very intelligent young dancer, but our rules clearly state that one must be at least 13 to post on the board. I will keep your membership, so that you can read things, but you will not be able to post for a while. When you are 13, then write to me at Contact Us, and I will open up your board privileges.


Meanwhile, keep dancing, and I hope you will find a very good summer program. I strongly suggest that you do not use pointe shoes for your photo, as most major programs do not expect a 10 year old to be on pointe yet. :)

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