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Little story about my son


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Hi all,


I love reading stories of what your sons are doing, so I thought I'd share one of my own.


My six-year-old son started ballet this year and has recently performed in his school's annual show. It was a resounding success for him! The whole experience was a very positive one for him and he said he was "happy and excited" to be on stage.


He loves his classes, loved doing his pre-primary RAD exam, loves his teachers, and loves dancing, but I didn't necessarily assume that all this would translate into loving to perform. I'm just really happy for him and wanted to share with others who could identify!


And I'm so happy I've found this board - pouring over the forums has enabled me to make an informed decision in picking this wonderful school for my son.


~ Jackie

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Yay!!!!!! Sounds like you're off to a good start!

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Hi Jackie! It's so much fun, isn't it?


I'm glad your son enjoyed performing so much and I'm glad it sounds like you have found the right school. That makes all the difference!

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Thanks! It is fun, and we'll enjoy the ride for as long as we're on it! According to ds, it'll be quite a while because he "wants to do ballet for his job".


I love how our kids can surprise us - like me, ds is fairly shy and doesn't like drawing attention to himself. But on stage he couldn't wipe the smile off his face!

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That is very sweet, JacquelineInAus!

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Thought I might add to this topic. I thought a lot of us had cute stories about our ds. I never thought mine would be very serious about ballet. I might have guessed though based on his performance during T-ball. My son started in dance at 4. He had fun, but he was a boy. So like a "good" mom when he turned 6, I signed him up for Little League. As most of us probably know in T-ball the kids our out in the field picking daisies or looking for bugs or jumping in the mud puddles. During our first "real" game, my son was placed at second base. To keep himself entertained he tried to see how many pirouettes he could do. If that wasn't enough of a clue, when he got up to bat, he hit a homerun. He excitedly ran the bases, but of course after crossing home plate to a cheering crowd, he stood on the plate and took his bows. 10 years later baseball is a distant memory, and my ds enjoys taking his bows on stage.

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Gorgeous story, Dawcett! Thanks for sharing. I always like hearing the perspective of parents with sons further along the road. When my son jumps up to "mark" (Aussie Rules Football term) a ball I notice how pointed his toes are!

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I too never imagined my DS would be serious about ballet. He started out in dance following his sisters. We were already at the studio all the time. My son, all wild child, was offered a scholarship class spot. I think the director was trying to keep him busy! After his first Nutcracker he cried for a week that it was over and it would be FOREVER until the next year. Still, he was a boy's boy - dirt, sticks, bugs, rocks......he even had a "weapons corner" in his room for all his homemade spears, bows & arrows, and guns. He played basketball, football, soccer, golf and baseball but stayed in ballet.


The turning point for him was when he took at SI with the local professional ballet. Honestly, he was 12/13 and I didn't have a good summer option for him while I was at work. Too old for some things, too young for others. When he got to meet the adult male dancers, saw what they could do and saw how athletic they were......he hasn't looked back. He is 15 now and across the country at his first "away" SI and loving every minute! Will he be a professional? No idea. But he's found something to be passionate about and not everyone does.


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I usually only post about my daughter, who is not only my oldest child, but also the most serious about dancing. But I have other children who dance, two of whom are boys, so I always read this forum. Last year my seven-year-old son adamantly did not want to take ballet, so he sat in the waiting room with me while his other siblings took their class. This year he decided to give it a try (yeah!). He is very much a boy's boy and is athletic but not particularly graceful (he turns his feet in when he runs and has been known to trip over them). So I was glad to have him take ballet but figured it would be a passing phase for him before turning to sports. Lo and behold, at the parent visitation class in May, he totally surpised me. The change in his ability since I last saw him in class in December was remarkable. I could see a little dancer coming out in him! Now he says he would like to take jazz as well. Totally an unexpected surprise. We'll see if he sticks with it!

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I love hearing these kinds of stories! We recently took my 7 yo son to see the Australian Ballet. He sat entranced, and now fervently hopes they will be his future employer! He can't get his head around the fact they actually pay you to dance.


Thank you for sharing about your sons' journeys through the ballet world.

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I do hope that this post will be allowed to stay - I am a mother of 3 sons and 2 grandsons and one son did dance for a year or two - but I am also a teacher and have had several boys in my classes. I would like to tell you about one of them, if I may. I also perform as character artist with our national ballet company and my best role is as the nurse in Romeo and Juliet. There's a very funny scene in it where the village boys tease me like mad when I come to bring a letter to Romeo from Juliet. Well, when this particular boy was about 11, his Mum brought him to see me in the ballet and he absolutely roared with laughter at this scene (I heard him from the stage!). Anyway, fast forward 8 years to when he joined the company and one of his first parts was as one of the boys who teases me! It gave us both a good laugh! Then, yesterday, four years later, we gave an R & J performance and he played Paris, Juliet's suitor. When he came out for his bow, we stood side by side on the stage. As you can imagine I was a very proud lady.

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Wow, Hamorah, that's wonderful! What a fulfilling (and fun!) moment for you. The production we saw the Aus Ballet do was also Romeo & Juliet. The music is up there as one of my favourite ballet scores.

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