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Hi, I'm new to this whole ballet thing. I had a question though. I'm a big guy, and when I say big, I mean really big. I have always been a heavy kid. My dad always tells me that when I was the skinniest kid in kindergarten I probably had 50 lbs on the biggest kid. I was wondering if this extra weight would hurt my performance in ballet? I loved my first class but am afraid that being as heavy set as I am will hinder the development of the skills I need. Not to mention I'm the only guy in class and I'm 19 so I would be lying if I didn't say I'm concerned how the girls are going to see me in tights. I guess I'm just worried about a lot of stuff.

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Hi, BigYoungGuy, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. Thanks for couching a size/weight problem in a way that helps us to advise you instead of focusing on detail. We don't talk about specific weights here. Yes, carrying extra size around with you can get in the way of ballet. You should talk to your family doctor about figuring out a good nutition plan for you that will work. But before you even do that, you should take stock of how you eat, and what. The first step in getting control of nutrition is cutting out between-meal snacks. Left to our own devices, people will tend to go to a pattern of many small meals eaten throughout the day. Setting and sticking to a "mealtime" (the old "three squares") every day can go a long way to gaining positive results. See your doctor for more tricks and tips to solid nutritional practices.

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Man, I used to be pretty big myself. I started ballet and it really helped me slim down. You can still do ballet! But be ready for the intense workout dance gives! :) You can do it! And by the way, wearing tights is never fun haha.

Go dance Youngguy! Just remember to have fun! :)

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